Your Videos Can Get Lost on YouTube. It’s Time to Get Found.

You have a YouTube channel with a growing number of videos, and you’re just sure that if viewers could find them, they’d love them. But how do you distinguish your channel from the thousands of other videos hosted on YouTube?

You don’t.

Rather than hope YouTube users will find you on YouTube, you drive traffic to your own website, where all the videos from your channel have clean transcripts that are fully searchable and where social media shares will direct new traffic to your site. Not YouTube.

Your Content, Your Website

What if viewers could find your videos via a Google search. With Channel Access and Video Search, they can! Your fully searchable video transcripts are indexed by search engines like Google and Bing, meaning users can find your content even before they’ve found your channel.

We believe that you should benefit from this enhanced functionality, not YouTube. Thus, Channel Access embeds your YouTube channel on your own website. This means that when users find your videos via a web search, they will be taken to your content on your website. That’s more page views for you and more eyes on your videos.

Further, when users share your content, the link they pass along will bring others to your site directly, not to YouTube. By indexing your video transcripts, and creating permanent links back to your content, your website’s search engine optimization will be greatly enhanced.

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