Add Value to Your Videos with VideoSearch Transcription Services

Aren't your videos missing something?

High quality, extremely accurate transcripts for your videos add to their value. You can reach potential viewers who might be deaf or otherwise hearing impaired, as well as international audiences via translation. But not only that, with a VideoSearch library, your transcripts play right alongside your video in real-time.

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More Than Just Captions, Live Scrolling Transcriptions

Video Transcripts Add Instant Value

Sure, YouTube will sometimes try to automatically add transcripts to your videos, but that hardly ever turns out as you'd hope it to. Other companies, will offer to transcribe your videos as well, for a hefty cost. Our transcription services are not only affordable, they're fully integrated into our VideoSearch package so you'll save money and literally see the value as it scrolls alongside your video.

Welcome to the Future of Online Video.

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Video Transcription Services

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