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VideoSearch from MicroSearch empowers your videos, no matter where they are hosted.

  • Search power
  • Clip &  Share power
  • SEO boost power

Search Power

Search your videos with power and precision. Your viewers will be able to search your videos for exactly what they want, using either a simple or advanced search format. Whether their search is simple or complex, the search results open the video at exactly the right spot.  Search terms are highlighted in yellow in the transcription, and hit to hit navigation is enabled.

Clip & Share Power

With Microsearch’s VideoSearch services, your videos will have the clip and share capability  viewers love. Viewers can highlight sections of text and create virtual video clips to share, virally spreading your video content. This link also provides access to the full version and always brings viewer directly back to your VideoSearch site.

SEO Power

With VideoSearch, indexing bots will be able to index the content of your entire video from start to finish for a powerful SEO boost. VideoSearch keeps your audience in your site with no sidebars of other videos to tempt them away. VideoSearch also limits external advertising.

Summary of Benefits

  1. SEO Optimization:
    1. Correct transcriptions from Microsearch helps search engines find your content-rich videos
    2.  Search engines continuously crawl the web, so they’ll be aware when your content is updated
    3. When Search engine bots arrive at your VideoSearch site, they will be greeted by an electronic roadmap showing them where every bit of information resides.
  2. Search Power
    1. VideoSearch is fast and accurate
    2. VideoSearch has sophisticated advanced search capability
    3. VideoSearch can be configured to use an unlimited number of search filter fields
  3. Sticky
    1. VideoSearch only searches for content within your site, keeping users right where you want them
    2. Videos hosted within VideoSearch are not cluttered with ads
    3. VideoSearch only includes links to your videos
  4. Clip & Share Power
    1. VideoSearch allows clipping of videos for sharing via email or social media
    2. Our clips have specific, precise location indicators (time-stamps) that are useful for reference purposes
    3. Shared clips play from the original location (if the video is on YouTube, the clip plays from YouTube)

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