Welcome to this Video Search demo.  
If you had done a search for the term science. and clicked the first video in the HIT list containing the word science, this is what you would see.
You can initiate a new search by entering a term into the search field and clicking either the basic or advanced search buttons.  For our purposes, we will keep the search term science.

Your search results will appear below the search bar. Each search result includes a thumbnail image, the video title, and a bit of the transcript that shows context around your search term. Note that the search term is highlighted in yellow within the search context.
Scroll through the transcript by moving your mouse over the scroll bar on the right side of the transcript. The scroll bar shows a yellow mark where the HITS occur in the entire transcript of this video.
When you find a selection you’re interested in, simply click and the video and transcript will jump to that location.
If there’s a portion of the video you’d like to clip & share, simple drag your mouse over the transcript and select one of the sharing options including Email, Facebook, and Twitter. In addition, you can copy the clip URL and record it for future reference.

Video Search Screenshot Demo

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