YouTube Boost : Get the most out of a YouTube channel

Our YouTube Boost service is helps organizations with content-intensive YouTube Channels make their channels more useful, more educational, and more popular.  Our Boost service increases the usefulness of an organization’s YouTube Channel by making the transcripts searchable (YouTube does not search transcripts), and providing a Clip & Share feature, allowing one viewer to make video clips to forward to a colleague who can play the clip to jump to just the right spot on the important video..

Here’s a summary of the benefits of this service to Channel owners who want more viewers:

  1. Find every word.  Every word of every video transcript/caption in the channel is find-able by the internet search engines
  2. Jump to that word. Once found, the video jumps to, and plays from, the search word or phrase
  3. Clip & Share. With our Clip & Share feature, a viewer can easily, and instantly, clip the important segment of a video and share that new video clip with anyone via email or social media
  4. Recipients who play the virtual clip are brought to the client channel where the video plays  from the beginning of the clip.

Keep your viewers right where you want them

MicroSearch’s YouTube Channel Indexing Service produces a virtual Channel embedded into a new web site with all the existing transcripts/captions, and any added metadata the client wants. All searches are conducted only on the contents of the virtual channel, and viewers are never enticed to leave the Channel by ads or other links.

The client organization has three options for accessing the new virtual Channel:

  1. a simple link to embed on a web site page
  2. a search box to embed on a client web page
  3. an iframe that shows the virtual channel search page within an existing client web page

MicroSearch’s YouTube Channel Indexing Service is inexpensive to implement, and the client benefits are enormous.

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Channel Indexing Service

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