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VideoSearch for Organizations

Online videos can be an indispensable business tool. But keeping track of media can feel like a full time job. That's where we come in. VideoSearch from Microsearch lets you collect all your videos into one searchable library and publish it on a personalized website. No more sending members offsite to view your media.

DocumentSearch for Organizations

This is supposed to be the age of the internet, right? Then why do organizations still deal in so much paper? DocumentSearch by Microsearch helps you collect your documents--memos, reports, etc--into an online, searchable library that can be organized in a way that makes sense for your organization.

Online Libraries for Organizations

Whether your materials include documents, videos, or a mix of both, online, searchable libraries for your organization means all those resources can be found by your members in one place, away from the distractions of the web at large. Our Table of Contents feature means your materials can be organized in a way that makes sense for you. And, of course, it's all fully searchable.

Union Services

In today’s financially challenging times, International Unions, like leading organizations everywhere, are trying to save money. They must adopt cost-saving, performance enhancing operations to better serve their constituent Local Unions. At the same time, Local Unions remain spread around the country to better serve their members, making Regional and International administration more difficult and expensive, and potentially out-of-sync with local needs. Locals and Regional offices want faster and better access to information, better performance, and communications and collaboration cost-saving enhancements. “Do more with less” is heard more often.

MicroSearch provides an extensive range of low-cost, cloud-based information sharing services for Professional Unions. MicroSearch cloud-based services include custom designed Digital Library services for Unions. A MicroSearch Digital Library contains searchable digital versions of the Union’s important documents, allowing instant browser-based access to all authenticated Union members, regardless of physical location.

Union Contracts Digital Library
A Microsearch Digital Library of Union Contracts is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all Union contracts. The Digital Library allows members across the country to access information that helps negotiate their own contract during the next review period.

Union Arbitration Decisions
A Microsearch secure cloud-enabled Digital Library of Union Arbitration Agreements is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all past Union Arbitration Agreements. The Arbitrations Digital Library allows Union members across the country access to information that can help win Arbitrations during the Grievance Arbitration hearing.

Union Grievance Records Archive
A Microsearch Digital Library of Union Grievance Records is a customized electronic archive of the digital versions of all past Union Grievance Records. The Union Grievance Records Library provides Union members across the country access to information that can help win Grievance Arbitrations during the Grievance Arbitration hearing.


A Microsearch Grievance Tracking System helps Union officials keep track of the status of outstanding Grievances as they proceed step by step through the formal Grievance process. The Grievance Tracking system issues email alerts to Union officials to warn of scheduled changes in status, as well as retaining in electronic form all documents related to the specific Grievance process. Sophisticated password and username combination insure that sensitive Grievance information remains in the hands of officials with the need to know. View our online demo site, or contact Chuck for more information.

Check out some demos to see what our Search Solutions can do for you:

Ivy League Demo

We compiled all publicly-available videos from the 8 Ivy League schools, indexed their mostly automated voice recognition transcripts, and made them fully searchable. Give it a try, or read more about this demo here.

Aspen Institute Demo

Here are some videos produced by the Aspen Institute and freely available on YouTube. This collection includes talks by the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, and Goldie Hawn.

Screenshot Demo

For a slightly less interactive demo of Video Search via screenshots, check out this demo.

The Bottom Line

Most likely, you're not in the video and document search business. That's what we do. So, all that time you spend searching for documents and media across a variety of websites and in unorganized file cabinets takes away from the time you could use to do what you do best. Get back to it, and leave the video and document search to us.

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Search Solutions for Organizations

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