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Get More From Your Videos!

Introducing Embedded Video Libraries...

  • Your entire video library embedded on your site
  • Fully searchable metadata and transcripts
  • Scrolling transcripts that play alongside your video
  • Advanced video clipping and sharing capabilities

Use MicroSearch's Embedded Video Library  to:

  • Give viewers access to your videos on your site (no matter where they are actually hosted)

  • Help viewers find your videos as a result of our Search Engine Optimization services

  • Keep viewers on your site, because all searches are performed on only your videos

  • Let viewers share video clips with colleagues, bringing  new viewers to your site

Transcript Scrolls in sync with the Video

Viewers can follow along reading the transcript to assure understanding.

Advanced Search

Advanced Search include searching the transcript as well as all other metadata: tags, description, title.

Video Navigation

Videos in search results open at the first Hit.  The viewer can then navigate from Hit to Hit, and the video and transcript will jump to the selected Hit.

Video Clip & Share

If the viewer want to share a video segment, highlighting a segment of the transcript will automatically create a video clip, which can be shared via email or social media.

Embedded Videos, Enhanced.

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Embedded Video Library

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