Your Videos Should Do MoreThan Just Play

Anyone can embed video on a webpage, but your videos should do more than just play. With VideoSearch, your embedded video is enhanced with a fully searchable transcript that scrolls in-time with your video and innovative social media sharing capabilities. And VideoSearch really shines when you collect all your videos into a fully searchable embedded video library.

Make Your Videos Perform For You

You have a YouTube Channel or Vimeo Page--plenty of videos, but not a lot of viewers. But VideoSearch can help. We provide transcripts for all your videos, index them, and make them fully searchable. Then, we collect your videos into your own VideoSearch library and embed it on your website. Viewers can search, find, watch, and share your videos without leaving your page.

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Share any video clip via email or social media.

VideoSearch allows you to highlight a portion of a video's transcript, and then share it. When the people you shared it with click the link, they'll be taken to the video, which will start playing at the exact moment you clipped.

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If there's a portion of the video you'd like to search, drag your mouse over the transcript and select one of the sharing options including Email, Facebook, and Twitter. Additionally, you can copy the URL and share it using another method.

Fully Indexed Video Transcripts Means More Keywords on your Site

Aren't your videos missing something?

High quality, extremely accurate transcripts for your videos add to their value. You can reach potential viewers who might be deaf or otherwise hearing impaired, as well as international audiences via translation. But not only that, with a VideoSearch library, your transcripts play right alongside your video in real-time.

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If your organization’s videos are filled with words, they may not be getting heard. And, they may not be getting shared, or used for research purposes.

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About VideoSearch from MicroSearch

mag-glassMicroSearch introduced VideoSearch in late 2015 to its existing client base, and is now making that service available to clients around the country.

Who is MicroSearch Corporation?

MicroSearch Corporation was founded in 1996 near Boston. We are a boutique search engine company, and provide private and secure video and document search engine services for client organizations across the country.

We index client video transcripts and documents into searchable digital databases, and host those databases online in public or private secure web portals.

A database portal may contain thousands of video transcripts or documents, together with all of the related metadata, all readily accessible on any internet connected device.

Each indexed database is hosted in a web portal; the web portal may be private and secure, or it may be open and public. Public libraries, for instance, use public web portals, while Research Associations generally have private, secure web portals. Each of our client web portals has been highly customized to give each client exactly the search and retrieval experience they desire.

VideoSearch is the latest video management service from MicroSearch, and is a service that makes client videos more useful and valuable by providing new viewer enhancement features to client videos:


Use the contact form below to tell us how we might be able to help get your organization’s content digitized, fully-searchable, and online.

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